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Colleen Josephine


Why yoga?

Yoga gives us an opportunity to peel away the layers (thoughts, ideas, ways of being) accumulated over our lifetime and see what is underneath it all.  With every inquiry we can determine if those layers support our highest good and choose to hang on to them or discard them.  Finding our own truth is a journey.  It takes effort and practice.  There will be rough spots, accompanied by discomfort along this journey.  But when you are aligned with your truth you will be at peace.

Teaching Style

As a teacher, Colleen relies on her own intuition to bring the students what they need on the mat.  She welcomes all levels of practitioners to her classes, knowing that there is something available for everyone. She establishes a mindful pace, integrating a balance of flow and stillness, allowing time for practitioners to tune into their senses and listen to their bodies.


"I love Colleen's yoga classes!  She offers the perfect blend of physical work, spiritual peace, and fun!  Her gentle voice and clear guidance provide a relaxing and nurturing framework for her classes.  I always look forward to them, knowing that I'll receive a healthy dose of peace and calm, strengthening and stretching, and moments that I can carry with me throughout the days to help make yoga a 24-hour a day experience. I appreciate Colleen's knowledge, her commitment, and her style."

Wendy L.

Class Descriptions

Intuitive Yoga

Balance the active energy with receptive energy through yoga poses, breath work, relaxation and meditation in this class. Move at a slow and steady pace and find balance between effort and ease in each pose. Focus on body alignment and discover new paths of movement while honoring physical limitations. Experience being present and listening deeply, let go of tension and develop greater breath and body awareness. Yoga props encouraged but not necessary. All levels of experience welcome.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga allows us to work the deeper “yin” tissues of our ligaments, joints, fascial (connective) networks, and even our bones through the use of long-held, passive poses designed to cultivate mindfulness, spaciousness and loving-kindness towards ourselves.  This class will provide benefit and challenge for all levels of practitioners.


"Colleen has created a warm & welcoming environment in which to practice yoga whatever your age, experience level or body type. The classes are well-taught, reasonably priced, and nourishing to mind, body and spirit."

Stacey and Doug