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Colleen Josephine


INTUITIVE YOGA is designed to awaken and connect with one’s body, cultivate spirit and process emotions.  Yoga offerings include private group, individual classes or audio classes for your home practice.


“ALIVENESS” COACHING FOR WOMEN takes one on a quest to find their soul’s purpose and align their life with that purpose.  The quest includes identifying goals, removing obstacles, creating a plan and taking action.  The result -- a reclamation of one’s wisdom, wildness, passion, joy, vitality and authenticity.

SISTERS AWAKENING THE DIVINE FEMININE FACEBOOK GROUP - provides a sacred container for women to come together to find their own Divine Feminine voices, learn how to honor the Divine Feminine within and create a supportive community of sisterhood.

REBIRTHING BREATHWORK teaches one to breathe intuitively through all sensations and feelings without staying trapped in them until the one reaches peace and relaxation.  By releasing our restrictions, we can inhabit our wholeness, find our direction and bring ongoing awareness to our lives.  Sessions are offered on an individual basis.

HANDS ON HEALING ENERGY WORK helps remove blockages in our energy system, which creates space for healing.  Healing means “to make whole” and this wholeness is unique for each person.  In our wholeness we can change patterns that limit our true potential and strengthen patterns that are beneficial.  Sessions are offered on an individual basis either in-person or remotely.


INTUITIVE ART encourages one to express their unique voice and unleash powerful creativity by letting go of outcomes and expectations.  By reclaiming the creative forces that arise from our center, one discovers its potential in daily life.  Art journeys are offered in group and individual sessions.