Colleen Josephine


It is my passion and purpose to help women, like you, transform your limiting beliefs, connect to your internal navigation system and awaken your creative center.

Journey Title 2

An intensive online four-month program for women, like you, who desire to awaken the Divine Feminine within to uncage your innate worthiness, self-expression and authentic voice giving you the power to create a life that totally turns you on.

As a result of working with me, you can expect to:

  • Feel your emotions and become more comfortable "being" with them

  • Open up to new experiences and come out of hiding

  • Discover what gives you pleasure and honor those experiences/cravings

  • Integrate your innate worth

  • Transform your beliefs about the feminine and about your power

  • Express your divine creativity

Curious, but not sure yet if you want to do this work…

Do you want to:

  • Learn how to access your own feminine power and innate worthiness?

  • Learn how to access your creativity to discover and express your place in the world, resulting in more courageous steps and powerful insights?

  • Discover and honor your cravings for pleasure, enjoyment and adventure but have never felt worthy to do so, have felt it is too late for experiencing those aspects of life, and/or have been waiting for external permission to fully live?

Are you:

  • Tired of hiding and "playing by the rules" others make for you?

  • So afraid to make a mistake/be uncomfortable/feel scared that you close yourself off to all kinds of opportunities in life?


Have you:

  • Always felt different from the crowd but haven't given yourself permission to embody that difference?

  • Felt irrelevant or shameful to the predominant culture?

  • Suppressed your feminine essence, living for years with a huge part of yourself stifled and unexpressed?

If you answered "yes" to any of the inquiries above,