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Colleen Josephine


Are you tired of hiding?
Of playing by the “rules”?
Are you ready to liberate the parts of yourself you've kept locked away?

The time has come to uncage yourself.

To step boldly into who you really are without shame or apologies. To embrace and express your inner creativity and power as a wise, wondrous woman. It is your birthright to live a turned-on life. One driven by pleasure and joy. Where your heart is wide open and life becomes brighter, sweeter, happier and more peaceful.

So what’s the secret to becoming
more fully A L I V E?

Honoring the Divine Feminine within.

My path led me to honor my own Divine Feminine during the most difficult period of my life. After divorcing my husband of 15 years, I spent the next seven years in an ugly custody battle. I was laid off from my corporate job.  To cope with this period of darkness, I opened up to new ways of thinking and healing because the old ways were no longer working.

I turned to yoga—something I was drawn to but intimidated to try. Through reconnecting with my body and breath, I started to feel more vibrant and strong, confident and self-loving.

I traveled to India to participate in a sacred chanting pilgrimage—in the hopes of finding my voice.  I found my voice, self-expression and discovered life-changing personal truths:  I am worthy of self-care and it is imperative to prioritize my needs.

I went through deep transformation—that was both messy and magical. I let go of the reins and trusted all parts of the journey, even the ugly ones. I broke free of the parts of myself that kept me small. And I stepped into honoring myself as an aging woman whose impact is growing rather than diminishing.

I am here to help you do the same, and I know you are ready—even if you feel unsure, doubtful, overwhelmed, or afraid of what you might experience. The path will become clear. And I will be by your side holding space and guiding the way.

At my core I am a coach, a healer, and a teacher. My intuition-led methods and practices empower you to reconnect with your own Divine Feminine, in your own way, at your own pace—so you can experience the pleasure, passion, peace, happiness and joy you seek and deserve.

Are you ready for the ride?

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